yakntexas- TFO AXIOM fly rod and TFO 375 reel TY unboxing temple fork outfitters

VISIT HOOK1 (CODE: 30MILESOUT for 10% OFF!) (TY’S FISH’N SHOW! CHECK IT OUT!) today on yakntexas- ty joins up with temple fork outfitters fly rods… unboxing of ty southerland’s first tfo order… axiom 7wt. fly rod and a tfo 375 fly reel in red.. check it out…. KAYAK FISHING VIDEO TALK SHOW…

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  1. TheTEXASgamer says:

    I just got into fly fishing when troutfest was going on. On thursday I bought a TFO 9ft rod and it’s a 5 wt. It’s amazing! I love it. I can cast it pretty well for me having it for only 2 days. I had a casting lesson so that helped alot. Today I went to the Guadalupe river and caught 7 little bass. So much fun. Fly fishing is way more fun than regular fishin to me.

  2. longsnipz says:

    i got a tfo 9ft 7wt 2 piece rod and id tell you i love it! wish i was in your circle of friends ty- fly fishing here in nc is great, but no-one iv seen on my outings has a flyrod. its sad not too many people here use it. alot of people are missing out.

  3. texasyakfishing says:

    how much did your rod & reel cost

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